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Our mission is to empower talent individuality to cut through the noise, and relate to everyday audiences.

Our values


We are dynamic and forward-thinking. We don’t shy away from experimenting; our aim is to explore and harness untapped and overlooked markets for our talent and clients. We proactively position talent and clients in the market by sourcing strategic partnerships, connecting talent to everyday audiences, and amplifying reach.


We believe in the power of authenticity and illuminating your true self. We understand the importance of authentic alignment and informed strategy to generate successful talent partnerships, amplify brand reputation, and cut through the noise.


We are leading on representing talent who move culture forwards, bringing diverse and influential talent to everyday audiences. Powered GT, the leading global media brand in LGBTQ+ culture, we are the go-to for a diverse range of culture defining talent across both representation and sourcing for clients and brands.


We’re building a roster that fosters diversity and uniqueness. We believe talent individuality should be celebrated and illuminated, and is key to cutting through the noise towards mainstream appeal and amplification.


We work across a diverse scope of clients, sectors, bookings, and talent verticals. We empower talent to be themselves and commercially activate their unique identities to relate with everyday audiences, explore untapped opportunities, and reach their true potential.

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